3M Nexcare ColdHot Therapy Pack Flexible

3M Nexcare ColdHot Therapy Pack Flexible: Helps to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. Heat therapy helps to reduce pain, soothes and relaxes. 

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Nexcare™ ColdHot Therapy Pack Flexible is intended to provide a superficial cold or heat. Cold therapy helps to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. Heat therapy helps to reduce pain, soothes and relaxes. The gel is non-toxic and is safe for the whole family.

Ease pain and inflammation with the drug-free way of thermotherapy with our Nexcare Coldhot Therapy Packs. Our compresses can be used cold or hot and are a solution for those who prefer easy-to-use, drug-free therapy. The products are suitable for storage in the freezer or refrigerator, and can be heated in hot water or in microwave. Knead to distribute heat evenly! Always insert gel compress in the supplied cover or clean towel, when applying to the skin. Protective cover for the gel pack is included allowing quick/easy and comfortable application ensuring furthermore safety for your skin. The high performance Thinsulate™ cover helps to retain constant temperature of the compress for longer. Gel pack, divided into 3 separate chambers for better flexibility in applying to the body parts, especially in wrapping around arm or legs. The adjustable, elastic strap provides a stable and secure grip.

Suggested applications:

 Relieve pain on joints, muscles and other moving body parts.

Warnings & Precautions:


• For external use only.

• Never use the plastic pack directly on the skin. Use the provided cover or wrap in a clean cloth.

• Do not sit or lean on the gel pack or apply excessive pressure because it may cause the pack to rupture and/or leak. Also therefore do not use while sleeping.

• Do not use on broken or sensitive skin.

• People with known or suspected nerve or circulatory problems should not use this product unless prescribed by a physician.

• Care must be taken to avoid frostbites and superficial nerve injury.

• Heat may be sufficiently analgesic to produce local burns.

• Supervise use by children or people with cognitive disabilities.

• Stop application in case of any discomfort.

• If condition persists, seek medical advice.