The following Terms and Conditions apply for the use of our website and our e-shop:


User / Member

1. Only persons over 18 years of age, in their personal capacity or as authorised by legal persons, may proceed to submit a purchase order or become Members of

2. A User of the website may submit an order and complete a purchase without having to register as a Member. However, by registering as a Member, the User will be able to create a secure account that will offer additional facilities and services such as:

(i) storing of the Member’s data for future use,    

(ii) viewing of previous purchase orders or checking the status of a current purchase order, 

(iii) creating a favourite products list, and

(iv) taking part in special discount or promotional schemes that will be offered from time to time.


Placing Purchase Orders 

3. Upon the completion of the selection of products the User wishes to buy, he/she will need to select the Delivery Method of the order. There is no minimum total purchase order value and the delivery costs vary based on the purchase value, weight and/or delivery method selected by the User.

4. The order is forwarded to the delivery address or collection point as per the User's instructions, based on the Delivery Method selected. The order will be delivered to the person specified as the recipient or to the person authorised to receive the order on the recipient’s behalf. Upon delivery, personal details, proof of identity and the signature of the recipient may be requested for demonstration e.g. an ID card.


Acceptance of Orders 

5. Acceptance of an order and the relevant order dispatch always depends on the availability of the products during the placement of the order. In the event that part or the whole of the order is not executed, the order charges will correspond only to the part of the order that has been executed.

6. may reject the order (either fully or partially) at any time on its own discretion e.g. due to non-availability of products or for any other reason, even if the order has been confirmed. In such a case and where applicable, a corresponding money refund will be provided.

7. will not be liable for any damages incurred due to any delay or failure to execute the order or part of order for any reason whatsoever, e.g. refusal or inability to execute the order.


Payment of Orders

8. Payments may be accepted in cash, via credit/debit cards or PayPal, depending on the Payment Method selected by the User.

9. In regard to credit/debit card payments, payments with the following credit/debit cards shall be accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express through JCC Payment Systems Ltd. When a User is paying via credit/debit card, the amount committed is that of the total value of the purchased order. The amount that will ultimately be charged will be the amount corresponding to the part of the order executed. The credit/debit card used for the payment must belong to the User and the charge will be preceded by the required data verification.


Delivery of Orders

10. The average order delivery time is 1-3 business days (as long as there are no product shortages), depending on how and where the customer wishes to receive the order. In the event that for any reason the delivery time will be more than this specified period, e.g. due to shortages of products, difficulty in delivery, etc., then will contact the customer. Depending on the delivery method selected, the customer may have the ability to trace the progress of the delivery of the order through the site's Tracking System or by communicating with the Customer Service Team of

Cancellations and Refund

11. Cancellations of orders prior to their delivery may only be accepted upon requested communication with the Customer Service Team. Cancellation acceptance and management are at the sole discretion of In the event that the cancellation of the order, or part of it, is accepted, then if the payment was effected via credit card the amount committed corresponding to the cancellation will be released as soon as possible and in accordance with the appropriate procedures of the bank where the account is held.

12. Products may be returned for any reason within 15 days of receipt, provided they are in their original condition and packaging as received, i.e. the packaging has not been tampered and the products have not been used or altered, based on the sole discretion of

13. The procedure for the return of products and corresponding refunds (provided the aforementioned conditions are met) will be determined following a prior telephone communication between the customer and the Customer Service Team of, based on the particular facts of the case. In the event that the return is not completed within the above mentioned specified period or the conditions for return are not met, has the right not to accept the return of the products. In the event that the return request is due to an omission of then the costs for the return are to be covered by, otherwise such costs are covered by the customer.


Special Offers

14. Any Special Offers promoted by through any means will be valid only for the specified period of time and/or while the relevant stocks last. is not liable in the event of an incorrect use of the procedure needed to obtain a Special Offer e.g. incorrect completion of a promotional code by the User.


Communication and Information

15. The specially trained and educated Customer Service Team of is always willing to communicate with the website's users in reference to issues or questions concerning the products of via email or via telephone,  during Working Hours.

16. Information, advice and recommendations provided through or communicated via the Customer Service Team  under no circumstances replace the medical advice/recommendation or the content of the product's Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) or that of the packaging from the manufacturer. Adopting such advice, following such recommendation or accepting such information is the sole responsibility of the User.



17. The trade mark in all shapes and colors, is protected and owned by WB EvZeen Wellbeing Ltd and may not be used by any unauthorised third parties. The website or any part thereof must not be reproduced, copied, sold, resold, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose that is not expressly authorized by the company. Corporate or product logos, product images and other materials associated with them, are legally registered logos, trademarks or are copyrights owned by the respective companies.



18. uses small files known as cookies to enhance user experience and for functionality reasons (Cookies Policy).



19. is committed to protecting the privacy of its Users. Please read’s Privacy Statement regularly as this may be amended from time to time.



20. may at any time modify the content of the site, the description, the prices or the availability of the products, the available delivery methods or payment methods or to suspend or terminate the operation of the website.

21. will not be liable for any errors, omissions, unavailability/shortages of products or the non-functioning of the website and will not be liable for any losses, damages (direct or indirect), loss of revenue, expenses or any financial loss that may thus be incurred.

22. is not responsible for the content of any third party website that provides access through the website e.g. in the form of advertising or a link.

23. The use of the website, all contractual and other obligations created and all actions or transactions made through it are governed by the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus. Any disputes that arise from the use of and the services provided by it should be submitted to the competent courts of the Republic of Cyprus which shall be exclusive jurisdiction.

24. All Terms and Conditions are material and the omission or not imminent exercise of any right that has arisen does not constitute a waiving of such a right.

25. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions as well as the services offered from time to time. Any such amendments apply immediately and shall be deemed to be accepted by the notification and the subsequent use of the website.

26. The use of this website assumes and implies the explicit and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions by the User.

Last Updated: October 2018. For further information, please visit the FAQ's by clicking here.

Use of the website and safeguarding of your Personal Data


1. recognizes the importance of the security of your Personal Data and your electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, using the most up-to-date and advanced methods, to ensure maximum security. All information that relates to your personal information and your transactions is secure and confidential. The security of the e-shop is achieved by the following methods:


Customer Recognition

2. The codes used to identify you are two: E-mail or username and the Personal Security Password, which each time you enter them give you access with absolute security to your personal information.

3. You have the ability to change your Personal Security Password and your e-mail address as often as you like. You have the ability to permanently delete the account you created on site, while deleting an account permanently deletes all information and data collected by

4. The only person who has access to your information is you through the above codes and you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and hiding it from third parties. In case of loss or leakage, you must immediately notify, otherwise is not responsible for the use of the password by an unauthorized person. For security reasons, recommends that you change your password at regular intervals and avoid the use of the same and easily detectable codes (e.g., birth date). also recommends that you use not only letters and numbers but also symbols and password creation.


Ensuring the Privacy of Your Personal Data Transmission

5. To ensure the confidentiality of data transfer, we use the encryption protocol.



6. Access to the servers is controlled by a firewall, which allows for the use of specific services by customers / users, while at the same time prohibiting access to data systems and databases with confidential data and company information.



7. The system first decrypts the information it receives using the same key (which is pre-defined when you start your connection with the service) and then processes it. The systems send you information by following the same encryption process.

8. Anywhere on the site you enter personal data (password, addresses, telephones, credit cards, etc.) there is encryption. Encryption is essentially a way of encoding the information until it reaches its intended recipient, which will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. When ordering and if the user / customer is logged in with his username and personal code in’sonline store, all communication between your computer and’s systems is encrypted. That is, every time you send information to the system, your browser encrypts them first using a key and then sends them to the system.’s system first decrypts the information it receives using the same key (which is pre-defined when you start your connection with the service) and then processes it.’s systems send you information by following the same encryption process.


Trading Confidentiality

9. Confidentiality is vital. The same basic principles governing classic transactions also apply to e-commerce. All information transmitted by the user / member to is confidential and business has taken all necessary measures to use them only insofar as this is deemed necessary in the context of the services provided. Some of the measures taken are the following:

- Only authorized employees have access to your transaction information and only when necessary, e.g. to handle your requests.

- does not disclose the details of its customers and transactions unless it has written authorization from you or is required by a court order or decision of another public authority.

- In the event that uses third parties to support its systems, it takes care to ensure confidentiality.

10. Subject to the provisions herein and in the Privacy Statement, you may request that any information be retained for you and may be corrected if you can substantiate the existence of an error.

11. For your own security, you should also handle all information provided through the service as confidential and confidential and not make any disclosure to third parties.

12. When you visit pages, you may be asked to provide personal information about you (name, surname, e-mail address, shipping address, etc.) as a rule to process your orders or to provide our services. Any personal data you post anywhere on the pages and services of this website are strictly for the sole purpose of dealing with, improving the service provided and ensuring the operation of the respective service, and may not be used by anyone third (except where provided by law to the competent authorities).

13. In any case, employees who have access to your personal data are specific and unauthorized access to your personal data is prohibited. Any reasonable measure to secure your data has been taken. Your personal information in extremely rare and special cases may also be disclosed to’s affiliated companies in order to support, promote and execute your business relationship with, but always under conditions that fully ensure that your personal information does not exist illegal processing.

14. For any questions or suggestions or statements related to these issues, please contact us using the special contact form in the contact menu

15. At any time, the user retains the right to update or object to the further processing of his or her data in accordance with applicable laws on the protection of personal data.

16.The site works in full compliance with the new EU Data Safety and Privacy Directive.


For any further information on Personal Data, you may read’s Privacy Statement.