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Frezyderm Baby Cream, 175ml: Soft, protective and waterproof daily cream for the care of the crurogenital area after changing the diaper.

Soft, protective and waterproof daily cream by Frezyderm for the care of the crurogenital area after changing the diaper. Creates a protective barrier and isolates the skin from moisture, irritants and secretions, heals cuts and prevents the growth of microbes as it protects from diaper rash.


Its composition is specially formulated for babies and contains low percentage of zinc oxide which reduces irritation and rash allowing the skin's natural breathing function. It has thin texture that spreads easily creating a thin protective film without burdening the skin and is removed without causing irritation.


It is also enriched with Chamomile Oil, which has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and panthenol for regeneration and healing of the skin. Parabens and odor free. Dermatologically tested.



Babies - Diaper change - Diaper rash. Diaper rash is a skin eruption that appears in the crurogenital area. It is due to the sensitive baby skin that is irritated by secretions, diarrhea, diaper friction or improper diaper, and poor hygiene.



Apply thoroughly the protective cream on clean and dry skin of baby's crurogenital area and then insure the clean diaper.



Chamomile extract: Anti-inflammatory, healing effect / Panthenol: Regenerates - Heals / Zync Oxide (ZnO): Antiseptic, waterproof action.

Frezyderm Baby Foam, 150ml: Gentle cleansing foam for the baby skin.

Gentle cleansing foam by Frezyderm for the daily hygiene of the baby skin. Offers efficient cleansing without irritations and enhances the hydrolipid film creating a protective shield against external factors.


Its moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory ingredients hydrate, care and sooth the baby's sensitive and irritated skin. Thanks to a special pump, the foam is ready to provide easy, quick and efficient cleaning.


No need for rubbing or sponge. Can be rinsed off easily with water or removed with a handkerchief. It's ideal for outdoor usage in case of a local cleaning, i.e. for diaper changing and handwashing. Alcohol, propellant and parabens free.



Babies - Topical cleansing without rinsing - Hand cleaning (school, play) - Patient cleaning (incontinence diapers) - Wounds.



Push the pump and apply the rich foam on the area that you want to clean. Removed with water or a handkerchief.



Mild surfactants: Efficient cleansing without irritation / Chamomile extract: Anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant effect / Wheat proteins: Reinforcement of the hydrolipid film - Minimize the damaging effects from external factors / Hydrating, emollient and anti-inflammatory ingredients: Healing and anti-irritant effect.

Frezyderm Baby Sun Care Cream SPF25, 75ml: Baby sunscreen lotion for face and body with natural filters.

Sunscreen lotion by Frezyderm for face and body, water resistant. Contains only inorganic filters and is ideal for infants and children and people with a genetic predisposition for atopy and/or intolerance to organic filters. Enriched with Vitamin E and Panthenol, it has a SPF index that has been carefully selected so as not to hinder the synthesis of vitamin D, a necessary condition for calcium absorption and storage. It also shields the DNA and provides antioxidant protection. Aroma and parabens free.



Babies - Persons with genetic predisposition for atopy - Persons that are intolerant to organic filters.



Cover evenly with the sunscreen, even difficult areas like ears, forehead, nose, feet and the area behind the knees. Apply sunscreen to dry skin 20-30 minutes before sun exposure and renew every 1 hour, even on the surface of the skin covered by the shirt and after swimming or towel drying.

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