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SONISK PULSE T/Br Rose Gold: Sonic cleaning for sparkling teeth and healthy gums. Anti-bacterial / anti-microbial toothbrush. 31,000 sonic strokes per minute for deep cleaning!

Sonisk Pulse’s professional sonic toothbrush technology and portable size means great oral care on the move or at home. The antimicrobial vibrating bristles of the Sonisk Pulse toothbrush clean even hard to reach surfaces, and the neat cap keeps your toothbrush germ-free and ready to go.
− Compact and lightweight for slipping into a travel bag or handbag
− Antimicrobial protection and sonic technology to preserve tooth surface and prevent decay
− Travel cap to keep your brush head dirt free
− Smooth touch and contemporary colours
− Changeable heads
− Fully waterproof for safety

− 90-day battery life
− Anti-bacterial/anti-microbial brush
− 31,000 sonic strokes per minute
− AAA battery-powered (battery included)
− Spare toothbrush head included

Frezyderm Sun Screen On The Move SPF50 75ml: Sunscreen spray for quick application and versatility (city, beach, etc.) with photostable filters of wide range.

Sunscreen spray for quick application and versatility (city, beach, etc.) with photostable filters of wide range. It has Super Fine Mist Technology of high protection and On the Move Technology for fast application, even on the go, while thanks to the exclusive innovation Hydro Cosmetic Technology offers visual improvement of wrinkles and matte appearance. In addition, it moisturizes the skin and strengthens the skin barrier - but has a thin texture - and by applying it to the skin gives a feeling of powder. It is suitable for face and sensitive areas (ears, neck), for over makeup and sprayed on hair, without affecting styling. It is an ideal solution for sensitive and intolerant skin to conventional sunscreens.

− Those who are looking for a fast / easy to use sun protection solution
− Sensitive skin / intolerant skin to conventional sunscreens

Shake well before use. Spray an ideal amount evenly and circularly from a distance of 15-20 cm with the eyes closed throughout the spray. Do not inhale. Update often.

Frezyderm Sun Screen Color Velvet Face Cream SPF50+, 50ml: Tinted, transparent facial sunscreen for very high protection with a velvety texture and a matte finish.

A tinted, transparent facial sunscreen by Frezyderm for very high protection with unique cosmetic behavior that melts right into the skin. Ensures very high protection and an even color tone. Delivers effective coverage from discoloration, scars and skin imperfections. The color remains stable and unchanged for many hours.


Thanks to the revolutionary Second Skin Technology innovation it creates the feeling of an invisible 'second skin' while leaving a velvety sensation on the skin, offers matte finish and softens the appearance of wrinkles.


Prevents signs of photo-aging and protects against discoloration caused by sun exposure. In a unique shade that matches with all skin tones to offer perfect, discreet coverage and a flawless, even complexion. Discreet, light coverage. Velvety feeling. Matte finish for 6 hours, absorbs excess oil and sebum. Softens the appearance of wrinkles. Water resistant. Allows skin to breathe. Non-oily texture. Parabens free. Dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic.



Daily use all year round for protection and flawless skin - Light skin - Skin sensitive to light - Skin with warts, scars - Prevention of photo-aging - All ages - All skin types.



Apply sunscreen evenly to all exposed skin areas such as ears, forehead, nose. Apply plenty of sunscreen. For the face of an adult, the amount of 1 tsp is required. Apply sunscreen to dry skin 20-30 minutes before sun exposure and re-apply every two hours and immediately after swimming or toweling dry.