Frezyderm First Aid Butter, 50ml

Frezyderm First Aid Butter, 50ml: Gel that treats bumps, sores and bruises to face and body.

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Gel by Frezyderm that treats bumps, sores and bruises to face and body. It is extremely enriched with herbal extracts, Polysaccharides and Flavonoids which have therapeutic and relieving properties. It also works as a painkiller for immediate naturally relief, reduces swelling, soothes inflammation, protects against bruising and enhances microcirculation. Medication, parabens and preservatives free. Safe if swallowed. CE Product.



Infants from 3 months old - Children - Adults - Face and body.



Apply with a clean finger on the affected area as often as necessary or as otherwise specified by the doctor. Not suitable for open wounds and sores.



Flavonoids: Reinforce microcirculation - Strengthen arterial walls / Sacharomyces Lysate: Anti-inflammatory, pain-killing effect - Provides tissue oxygenation +17% / CM-Glucan: Regeneration of skin - Reconstruction of connective tissue - Stimulates fibroblast growth / Margosa & Magnolia extract: Antimicrobial effect / Arnica & Cypress extract: Reinforces microcirculation - Strengthens arterial walls.