Our Goal 

EvZeen.com of WB EVZEEN WELLBEING LTD, is an online wellbeing store established in 2019 in order to provide the opportunity for online purchasing of innovative, high quality, reputable and cost-effective brands of the consumer Healthcare, Wellbeing, Beauty and Baby Care sectors. We, at EvZeen.com, ensure that all key elements that relate to efficient and effective e-commerce practices are fully complied with, offering a comprehensive online service of the highest standards. Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of health, wellbeing and quality of life, offering products that have real value and are truly beneficial to the consumer.  

Our Background 

WB EVZEEN WELLBEING LTD is a company registered in Cyprus. Its founding members. among which is a large number of reputable pharmacies, have a long-lasting, strong and active presence in the Healthcare and Wellbeing, Beauty and Baby Care sectors in Cyprus and Greece and are fully dedicated to the progress and continuous improvement of the healthcare services offered to the community. EvZeen.com is a natural extension of this successful business, following trade and technology evolution aiming to attend to the needs of modern consumers.  

Quality Assurance 

Quality Assurance is of the utmost importance and plays a crucial role towards ensuring that our customers receive high quality products. It is a value to which we are totally committed to, a non-negotiable element of the corporate philosophy and principles of EvZeen.com 

Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Protection Policies 

Corporate Social Responsibility is another aspect which is highly valued and constitutes one of our main priorities. As an e-commerce company associated with the healthcare and wellbeing sector, we always aim to promote health and wellbeing in the society we operate by continuously seeking to reduce the environmental impact of our operation and by dedicating company resources to actively participate in community service activities. We aim to establish a better today and tomorrow for our society in general, as well as for the future generations.  

Understanding & Satisfying Consumer Needs 

Understanding and satisfying consumer needs is of paramount importance for us. Our ongoing mission is to serve these particular needs with professionalism and dedication. We do our very best to provide the highest possible level of convenience and value-for-money throughout the entire spectrum of the consumer’s purchasing experience.  

Personnel Training & Development 

As a prime business organisation in the healthcare and wellbeing sectοr, we highly invest in our people’s training and development. Consequently, our team is highly qualified and well-trained, always ready to do their best to provide excellent customer service. At EvZeen.com we aim to continuously evolve and develop so that our customers enjoy the very best in reference to what an online wellbeing store may offer.