FREZYDERM ATOPREL MILKY BATH OIL 250ML: Care oil for dry, sensitive skin with atopic predisposition

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Special oil for cleaning and regreasing dry, sensitive skin and with atopic predisposition. A fully water-miscible oil that provides cleansing, relubrication and prevents water from contacting the disrupted epidermal barrier.

It enriches the water with a lipid load.

Strengthens and protects the skin's hydrolipidic mantle.

 - Relubrication

- Hydration

- Strengthening of the skin barrier

- Protection

Double innovation formula:

- 100% Functional Lipid Content (FLC) to enrich water with a lipid load

- 100% Non-Volatile Content (NVC) to strengthen and protect the hydrolipidic mantle


- Infants, children, adults.

- Face and body.


- 1st way: Dissolve 30ml in 5-6 liters of warm water. Shake gently to form a uniform milky solution. Clean gently and wipe lightly without rinsing.

- 2nd way: It can be used undiluted, on its own, or as a strengthening base of the anti-fat cream. Shake well before use.


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