The website, hereinafter referred to as “the Website”, will organise from time to time various competitions through the Website for its Members and/or its Users. The purpose of the following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) is the establishment of the terms to enter a Competition by a Member and/or a User accordingly, as well as the drawing and announcement of the winners of such competitions. The Website maintains the right to amend unilaterally the present Terms. Any amendment or modification of the Terms will be made following a prior announcement published on the Website or on any media the Website decides and will be binding for each participant. The Website does not undertake any responsibility regarding any such amendment.


Terms and Conditions

1. Any Member of the Website (i.e. who has created an account with the Website) and/or User of the Website (i.e. has completed a purchase), depending on the specific Competition, have the right to enter a Competition (i.e. that maintain an account with the Website), are permanent residents of Cyprus and are 18 years old or over.
2. Employees of the Website or of any affiliated companies, as well any second degree relatives of them, do not have the right to enter a Competition.
3. As an entrant to a Competition will be considered the Member and/or the User of the account with the Website, with the Personal Details that have been completed during his/her registration from the initiation of each Competition and until its completion, accordingly.
4. The purchase of any product by a Member and/or a User accordingly, is a necessary precondition for a valid participation to each Competition.
5. Each purchase corresponds to one competition entry. If for example during a monthly Competition a Member or a User, depending on the case, makes e.g. 5 purchases within that particular month, then he/she will enter the Competition with 5 entries.
6. The entry into a Competition implies an automatic acceptance of the present Terms.
7. The duration of each Competition could be modified and amended and in such a case this will be announced accordingly via a relevant announcement with regards to the Competition on the Website or on any media the Website decides.
8. Description of Competition: The winner(s) of each Competition, according on the case, will be declared via a random digital draw and will win a specific prize, e.g. a Purchase Coupon, again according to the case. In the event that the prize is a Purchase Coupon this will be redeemed with products of equal value from the Website. The prize will be the one stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.
9. The digital draw will take place up to one week after the completion of a particular Competition, e.g. the first week of the following month for monthly Competition and will be announced on the Website and/or the Website’s page on Facebook. The winners of each Contest will also receive an email notification and/or sms via which they will be accordingly informed about their declaration as a winner as well as regarding the further steps of in relation to the provision and/or collection of the prize.
10. The provision and/or collection of the prize will be arranged by the Website either digitally or by any other method that will be agreed with the particular winner. The exact day and time for the provision and/or collection will be agreed upon between the Website and the winner.
11. In the event that a winner is employed by the Website or by an affiliated company or has up to a 2nd degree relation to an employee of the Website or an affiliated company, or any of the winners for any reason refuse to collect his/her prize, then the prize will be collected by then next in line winner who will be declared via a digital draw, provided of course that his/her entry is a valid one based on the terms of entry.
12. The Website maintains the right to use and publish the names of the winners as well as their photographs which may be taken during the collection of their prize for promotional reasons by the Website, without any fee or compensation. The refusal of a winner to participate in the promotional event or any other promotional announcement or the refusal to include his/her name within insertions if requested, entitles the Website to refuse the provision of the relevant prize to the particular person.
13. Visitors of the Website that create an account and proceed to purchases as Members and/or Users, depending on the case, automatically enter the then running Competition and simultaneously consent to the use of their personal details from the Website exclusively for the timely notification and announcement of the entrant in the event he/she is declared a winner. The winner by accepting the provision and/or collection of the prize consent for the Website to use any promotional files (video, photograph etc.) that have been produced during the Competition or upon the provision and/or collection of the prize, since the Website is allowed to announce the names of the winners to any media, as well as to proceed to an advertising promotion of the particular event.
14. The Website is not accountable in any way if for any reason beyond its control (as, indicative but not restrictive, reasons that constitute force majeure, technical problems, no internet coverage, overload of internet, disconnection of internet, no sending or acceptance of emails due to lack of available space) or lack of control over any third party that will transfer the messages, a) delay or failure to send information regarding the announcement of winners, b) problems with accessing the website for any period of time, c) destruction of the records of entrant details partially or entirely.
15. In the event that the above-mentioned notification is not performed by the Website either due to uncompleted or false completion of the personal details of the entrants on their account or either due to any other real or objective obstacle and not because of the Website’s wrongdoing, the entrants are obliged to collect their prize themselves after communicating with the Website.
16. In the event a winner is requested but unable to collect in person the prize, then he/she must inform the representative of the Website with whom they will communicate in an effort to reorganise the method of provision or collection of the prize.
17. A winner may be disqualified, at any stage even that of the provision and collection of the prize for the following reasons: (a) in the event that there is no response within 1 week of the announcement as a winner and/or the communication that will be attempted by the Website, (b) in the event that the winner, for any reason, does not fully accept the present Terms that are considered in their entirety as substantial or does not fully meet them, (c) due to a term of under the present Terms, (d) in case the winner is a minor.
18. After the completion of the duration of any Competition and the provision and/or collection of the prize in accordance to the Terms, any obligation of the Website ceases to exist. The Website does not undertake any obligation towards the entrant, except the provision of the prizes as scheduled.
19. In the event a running Competition is discontinued, the obligation of the Website is limited to the announcement of the discontinuance of the Competition via the Website itself. With the publication of such announcement the particular Competition will be automatically discontinued and no entrant will be entitled to request its continuation or any kind of compensation.
20. Any expenses/costs incurred for the entry into a Competition or communication with the Website and its representatives, are born entirely by the entrant or the winner. The Website bears absolutely no obligation over any kind of expenses of the entrants or the winners.
21. The Website maintains the right to amend the present Terms, to change the offered prizes, to extend or limit the duration of any Competition without granting any notice.
22. The present Terms are governed by Cyprus Law and any dispute relating to them are resolved via the Courts of the Republic of Cyprus.
23. Entering a Competition implies the explicit and unconditional acceptance of the present Terms and agreement to the publication of the names and details of the names of the entrants and winners within the framework of the Competition and the relevant promotional events and/or actions of the Website, as well as the keeping their details on a digital database and for any other use as provided by the present Terms.