Start earning your EvZeen.com Euro Rewards! 





Sign Up  with us and enjoy an Extra Bonus by earning Evzeen.com Euro Rewards with every eligible purchase. Each time you place an order, 1% of every Euro you spend is transformed into EvZeen.com Euro Rewards which are saved in your EvZeen.com Euro Rewards Account for future purchases! Transform your EvZeen.com Euro Rewards into Vouchers and redeem them whenever you wish (within 3 months), benefiting from this exclusive membership reward! Welcome to the EvZeen.com PREMIUM CLUB



- Enjoy an Extra Bonus by earning EvZeen.com Euro Rewards on each euro you spend.

- Benefit from occasional Special Promotional Schemes that are eligible only to members, e.g.: Receive extra discounts, customer loyalty rewards, personalized special offers or benefits such as discounted or even free delivery, etc.

- Avoid having to enter your personal information details every time you place an order and speed up the Checkout process.

- Observe your Orders History and create a Cart based on that.

- Track your order throughout the delivery process via our Tracking System.

- Add to your Wish List selected products.

- Create Favorites Lists.



Step 1
Sign In and select My EvZeen.com Euro Rewards from your account menu. 
Step 2
Click on Transform my EvZeen.com Euro Rewards into a Voucher worth €*….
Once you do this, MY VOUCHERS page will come up.
*Once a Voucher is generated it must be redeemed within 3 months (90 days) otherwise it is expired. 
Step 3
Copy the generated Voucher Code
Step 4
Paste your Voucher Code in the Voucher Box. 
Step 5
Congratulations, the reduction is applied! 



- EvZeen.com Euro Rewards are calculated as a 1% bonus on the price of the item purchased.
- Τhe EvZeen.com Euro Rewards program applies for all products, unless specified otherwise.
- EvZeen.com Euro Rewards are placed in your EvZeen.com Euro Rewards Account just after the associated order is paid for.
- Your EvZeen.com Euro Rewards may be transformed into a Voucher once your order delivery is completed. 
- EvZeen.com Euro Rewards are only eligible to be used for future purchases and cannot be exchanged for money.
- EvZeen.com Euro Rewards are valid for one calendar year from the moment they are earned.
- Once your EvZeen.com Euro Rewards are transformed into a Voucher, this must be redeemed within 3 months (90 days), otherwise the generated Voucher expires.