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Milupa Aptamil 2 Follow-On Formula (6-12 months) 400gr

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During the first stage of your baby's development, breast milk is the best type of milk you can offer. Aptamil 2 contributes to the healthy development of the baby with the Complete Care formula that provides necessary nutrients such as prebiotic fibres, vitamin D and DHA * / ALA (Omega 3 fatty acids).

* As required by law.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: BREAST MILK IS THE IDEAL FEED FOR BABIES. Aptamil 2 should only be used after medical advice. Your baby may not want to continue breastfeeding if you are bottle-feeding. For the health of your baby, carefully follow the preparation instructions. Never leave your baby alone during feeding. Improper use or preparation can harm your baby's health. Aptamil 2 should not be used as a breast milk substitute for the first six months of life. From the age of 6 months, and if your doctor has advised you, you can gradually give complementary foods.

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