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Frezyderm Intim Area Liquid 200ml

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This intimate area cleanser has been designed for everyday use. It protects against dryness, irritation, infections and vaginitis. The liquid can be safely used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Ideal for using after swimming in the sea or at the pool. Dermatologically Tested, Parabens free, pH4.



- The care of the intimate area - Sensitive intolerant skin - Protection against dryness, irritation, infections, vaginitis - Daily cleansing post-puberty and pre-menopause - Menstruation - Pregnancy - Dryness - Bad odor - After swimming in the sea or pool - Suspected infection.



Gently apply to wet skin with gentle moves and rinse thoroughly.



- Mild surfactants: Mild cleansing - Mild antibacterial surfactant | Specific lactic acid derivative: Mild antiseptic protection - Emollients: Protection against dryness - Moisturizing agents: Retain the hydrolipid balance - Antiphlogistic agents: Reduction of irritation of any etiology - CM-Glucan: Reinforcement of the body's natural defenses - Echinacea: Broad antibacterial spectrum | Reinforcement of the body's natural defenses

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