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Frezyderm Intim Vaginal Douche Soda pH 9

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This intravaginal cleanser removes the secretions caused by yeast vaginitis. It also enhances the effect of prescribed medication being used to treat the infection. Parabens and fragrance free, CE Product.



- Care of the intimate area - Removal of vaginal discharge caused by yeast vaginitis - Aids medication - Leucorrhoea.



Unlock by removing the cap and pull the nose upwards and slightly to the side until you hear a 'snap'. Check that the safety valve has opened by lightly pushing the bottle. Gently and carefully insert the tip into the vagina, while in a seated or standing position. Adjust the tilt of the nose and squeeze the bottle to cleanse the vagina. Leave for 30 minutes before using other intravaginal products.



- Soda: Antifungal action | Treatment of leucorrhoea - Echinacea: Broad antibacterial spectrum | Reinforcement of the body's natural defenses - Xylitol: Selective antibacterial properties | Lactobacilli protection.

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