A probiotic and prebiotic supplement. Combines the intake of 6 lactic ferments and fibres. For a balanced intestinal flora. Helps to sustain the good bacteria helping to ensure a continued healthy balance.

100% natural ingredients, suitable for vegetarians. For adults and children above 3 years old. Specially required when bacterial balance is disrupted by antibiotics, aspirin, bacterial or viral infections, poor diet, stress or sudden lifestyle changes such as holidays.


Directions for Use:

Every morning for ten days, take one portion of Beneflora Original diluted in water or milk at room temperature or mixed in a yogurt. Children aged between 3 and 6, 1 tea spoon (5g) per day. Adults and Children above 6 years old, 2 tea spoons (10g) per day.


Special Precautions:

1. Do not exceed the recommended amount

2. In case you are pregnant or breast-feeding, seek for medical advice before using


Storage: Store below 25°C  in a dry place, out of sight and reach of children.