Frezyderm Atoprel Milky Bath Oil, 2x125ml: Milky bath oil for dry, irritated, atopic skin.

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Milky bath oil by Frezyderm for dry, irritated, atopic skin. It cleanses and moisturizes. It is an emollient and removes dead skin cells, increases elasticity while offering anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant protection. Aroma, color, parabens and soaps free.



Face and body - Infants, children, adults - Atopic, dry, irritated skin - Periods of atopic symptom exacerbation, for dry, sensitive, reactive skin with symptoms of itching, dryness, redness.



For infants: Dissolve half a cap in 5-6 liters of warm water and place the infant in the water. Do not rinse. For older children and adults: Apply onto skin and rinse off by showering.



Phospholipids - Phytosterols: Relipidate, increase skin elasticity / Linolenic acid Triglycerides: Improvement of the hydrolipid barrier function / Reinforcement of emollient effect: Fatty, emollient ester.