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Complan Chocolate 400gr

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Complan® Chocolate 400gr contains high quality milk protein, fat and carbohydrate to provide energy and is fortified with a full range of essential vitamins and minerals. When mixed with water, each portion provides approximately 250 Calories, the equivalent of a light meal. When mixed with semi-skimmed milk, a portion of Complan® provides approx. 340 Calories.


Complan® highlights:

• Specifically designed to provide balanced nourishment

• Balanced mix of essential amino acids 

• 25 vitamins and minerals for health and vitality

• Rich source of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E

• Rich source of vitamin A to help maintain healthy skin and good vision

• Rich source of calcium to help build healthy teeth and strong bones

• Rich source of iron to help maintain physical stamina, strength, mental alertness and healthy blood

• Source of high quality protein to help build muscle tissue

• No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners

• Gluten free and suitable for lacto-vegetarians.


Complan® is a nutritional supplement recommended by healthcare professionals, designed to satisfy your needs and those of your loved ones, particularly:

• When you need additional energy for physical growth

• When you need a nutrition boost to support mental alertness

• When you have a small appetite or are off your food

• When you are recovering from illness or surgery

• When you are not able to eat solid food or have poor dentition

• When you have recent unplanned weight loss

• When you have no time to prepare a nutritious meal

• For general health and well being.

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